Artistic, wooden and enlighted Signs Hand-made in Paris

Collection Automne-Hiver 2020

Events, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Shops, Hotels, Airports, Amusement parks, shootings, movies?
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Create a unique environment for a special occasion: events, movies, shooting, etc. All of my artwork is available for rental or purchase. It can be adapted and adjusted to your vision.


My signs will be created for every one, every project, every situation


My experience and my artwork can help you create beautiful and unique settings for your events

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All of my artwork is designed and produced by hand (no industrial cutting such as laser) enlighted with LED round EL wire, LED bulbs, plugged or lithium batteries.
Hereunder features my artwork created for professionals and individuals

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Benjamin Legrain

Founded Funki Sign in 2015, with the goal to create unique wooden and enlighted hand-made signs compiling artistic and technical skills and underlining Circus era.

His experience and technical competencies arise from graffiti, structure manufacturing, artisanal craft, cabinet making, graphic design, web integration, body painting.

At 15 years old, Benjamin begins art through graffiti between Grasse, Nice and Cannes: he discovers a true passion for lettering that it perfects over the years.

On the advice of his cabinetmaker father, he directs himself towards structure manufacturing within the ‘Compagnons du Devoir’.

After 3 years on France’s roads, he settles in Paris and starts a training in cabinet making and artisanal craft.

He completes his knowledge in wood works by mastering coping saw, which will become his tool of choice for fine cuts, trademark of FUNKI SIGN.

He enters a School of Applied Arts and specializes in design.

He then realizes an internship in the most known agency for flyers creation used by night clubs such as: Studio 287, L’Enfer, Gibus Club, Elysée-Montmartre, etc.

Graphic design, web integration and textile printing knowledges allow him to integrate diverse digital agencies.

From 2005 onwards, Clubbing takes a prominent position in his life with the practice of Body Painting, which is still effective under ‘Nice to Paint you’ agency.

In 2011, his encounter with the Burning Man community marked a watershed: for the 1rst time, he becomes aware that a life with more creation and freedom of expression is possible.

In 2015, on his way back from a trip in Turkey, he decides to create artworks inspired by enlighted signs of circus and freak shows, starting in the street with a piece of wood and paper.

He quits his job as Art Director to dedicate himself completely to this new art for which he is a pioneer and tackles all his experience, technical competencies and knowledge.

Recognised throughout the profession, he collaborates with the main night life actors, events agencies, if not producing his own parties inspired by Burning Man with his collective ‘Funki Safari’.